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During the hybrid International Conference run by INAPP to discuss about Quality assurance in VET for sustainable competitiveness, social fairness and resilience: three years after the EU Recommendation 2020.
(7th of July in Rome, Auditorium Corso d’Italia, 33 and online) Stefania Capogna (Scientific Director of the DiTES Research Centre of Link Campus University) illustrated the main results related to the ECOLHE ERASMUS + project (Empower Competences for Onlife learning in HE).
The projects results have been discussed within the Workshop. Quality Assurance through best project practices of the Erasmus+ Programme: how to capitalise the results achieved?
The meeting was a useful opportunity to share good practices, experiences, and collaboration opportunities to ensure continuity of virtuous experiences.
We thank the organizers for selecting the ECOLHE project as a good practice worthy of being shared.

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