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DITES partner (Digital Technologies, Education and Society) signed anew Memorandum of Understanding on the European ECOLHE project with the Skillman Alliance.

The collaboration was renovated on May 21, 2021


On May 21, DITES, a public research center based in Italy, signed Memorandum of Understanding on the European ECOLHE project with the Skillman Alliance.

DITES provides a space for research and experimentation within the “Link Campus University” in Rome, dedicated to tackling topics related to education, lifelong learning, and guidance, as well as the use of new technologies in different learning contexts. All DITES activities are carried out for and with schools and all the necessary public and private, institutional, and collective actors interested in the centrality of education in all its declinations: education, training, work, accompaniment, edutainment, and active citizenship.

The ECOLHE Project, within which the MoU was signed, is an action research initiative that to understand how national policies have translated European policies, and how universities have translated regulatory constraints in practice, trying to pinpoint useful suggestions for policymakers, decision-makers, and Academic Bodies and build a European Higher Education Area (EHEA) based on teachers’ professionalism and E-learning Quality Assurance Standard EQAS.The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Digital technologies can offer new opportunities for teaching and learning but there are complex ongoing changes that require the rethinking of teaching paradigms, organization processes, management models, evaluation, relationship systems, and the competency framework for teaching.

The ECOLHE project aims at highlighting experiences, practices, and competencies of faculty, researchers, and university staff in the digital domain to foster the dissemination of best practices in training and competencies for online and blended learning in higher education. 

For this reason, participation in the network is a great opportunity to share and develop organizational learning processes.

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