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The aim of ECOLHE project is to examine the way in which the idea of an E-learning European HE Area (in the broader framework of the Bologna Process) has been translated into practice at national level by Academic Bodies. Our purpose is to identify the way in which the digital challenges to promote LLL through ICT in HE is shaped in specific contexts.

Pilot Training for Online Teaching in HE

The ECOLHE project encourages the production, experimentation and sharing of new approaches and training methods in the field of digital culture through the online course “Engaging Higher Education students with collaborative e-activities” which will run, on a weekly basis, from March 2022.
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3rd ECOLHE Multiplier Event

The second Multiplier Event was held at the UOC University in Barcelona on July 6, 2022. During the session, global information on the project was shared with the participants, as well as the methodological process and...

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Project's Scientific Director