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The 5th Multiplier Event of the ECOLHE project took place on 19 June in Valencia (Spain) during the 9th International Conference on Higher Education Advances (HEAd’23).

Many people from different countries joined the conference to exchange ideas, experiences, opinions and research results related to student preparation, teaching/learning methodologies and the organisation of educational systems. The main idea of the Event was to foster collaboration in research activities and the sharing of best practices, to accompany the digital transformation in Higher Education and to cooperate in promoting an inter-connected HE system. 

Addressing digital transformation and innovation in learning and teaching practices needs the creation of a hub of universities and research institutes that can work on the issues of digitisation of the HE system at the International level. For this reason, some issues discussed during the Conference regarded the evolution of Digital Technologies in Higher Education and how Universities promote innovation and digital challenge in their organisational processes and learning-teaching activities.

The workshop, entitled “Reinventing University: the Digital Challenge in Higher Education“, included two main tracks and 8 speakers:

– Track 1: Governance and digital innovation in HEs. It addressed issues like new training models to respond to new knowledge and skills demands in a context of a universal entitlement to LLL. All this aimed to reflect about the sharing of best practices in training and skills development for “online” learning in Higher Education. 

– Track 2: The present and the future of Research in front of digital transformation. With its interventions, we reflected about innovative models in building and sharing scientific knowledge and how the field of research changes in the digital society, considering both risks and benefits.

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