Below there is the complete list of Intellectual Outputs that will be produced during the project:

IO1 Report

“Digital Technologies in HE: from the European vision to the university governance” 

This output explores how Universities have transposed into organizational practices the provisions found in European documents, with a particular focus on the issues of exploitation of ICT for LLL, quality standards and teachers' professional development.

IO2 Training Pilot

“Online teaching in HE”

This output will be an online training course focused on updating teaching skills for teachers and tutors, in order to enable them to effectively integrate online and/or blended technologies in HE.

IO3 Training Pilot

“Engagement tools for HE online learning environment”

This output will identify methodologies and tools to foster the engagement of learners in online and/or blended learning activities to reduce digital dropout rates and enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning processes.

IO4 Tool

“Symbiotic Learning Paradigm (SLP): Teacher Competences, Methods & Approaches in HE”

This output will foresee the development and testing of a tool for the self-assessment of HE professionals with a focus on digital competences. 

IO5 Report

“Recommendation and guidelines for Academic Bodies”

This output aims at providing Academic Bodies with a useful framework and instruments to improve teaching quality, also by enhancing online and blended learning environments in HE.